I have been using the internet since 2000. I have seen the changes from being non secure to secure. Back in the days, I always hesitated to access the internet because you never know who is looking at you. I mean, your location is already exposed.

Though I never had any frightening and creepy experience during my active days surfing the internet, you never know what can possibly happen. Therefore, I compiled a list of resources you can also use whenever you feel unsafe browsing the internet.

I started the JustWebProxy to provide information about web proxy. What are available out there and what you can really use without spending too much time looking for it. Because there may be a lot of web proxy out there but most are just similar so I’ll try filtering them out for your benefits.

If you are using any good and reliable web proxy, please let me know and I will add it to the list of web proxies so everyone looking for a reliable proxy website can benefit.