Anonymous Web Surfing Tips to

Anonymous surfing refers to browsing the internet without disclosing your original IP address or location through the help of a web proxy or virtual private network (VPN). These proxies also enable you to unblock websites that are restricted to access from a limited network without almost being detected.

In this type of internet surfing, you can assure that your personal data and privacy are safe and free from potential hackers. This information in mind should be enough to make you feel comfortable whenever you access online, especially if you have very sensitive personal data information.

Isn’t reassuring?

Because imagine if your information is disclosed and someone is watching behind your back.

Recording your activities and saving your personal information..

You can never be sure these are in good hands and safe..

Why do you need to surf anonymously?

You don’t need to appear anonymous online all the time. But in some cases, it is inevitable to surf anonymously. For instance, you need to access a website that is not allowed in your area when you visit directly from your network. But you can reroute your location by using a web proxy to bypass your network and successfully access any website.

That said, you can remove the limitation of your access to the internet and browse the internet anonymously.

This also applies if you just want to access your personal email and you want to make sure no one is watching you.

How to surf anonymously?

There are several options you can utilize to hide your IP online.

  • Some are paid.
  • Some are free.

You can use any of your choice for your advantage and get the same browsing experience.

The process to become anonymous is very simple, straightforward and not very technical. All you have to do is click and install or just type in a URL web address.

One of the best and free web proxy site you can use is With different servers available to choose from, you can appear from different geo-location, making your real location hidden in the process.

In fact, I have used this web proxy several times. I accessed a website without being traced and I succeeded in my goal, at least that I am aware of.

You can also use Anonymox, a web proxy chrome extension. Similar to, Anonymox also offers few servers available which limits your anonymously. But the good thing about this proxy tool is you can just install it directly to your browser extension in less than a minute.

There are also other web proxy chrome extensions available but not a lot. I use AnonymoX in combination with to extend the level of my anonymously.

Another good and suggested method to hide your IP is VPN.  A computer program which requires you to install to your local disk and run the software to begin surfing anonymously.

If you are serious and strictly protective with your data, VPN is the best tool to go. With VPN, the list of proxy servers you can use is extremely huge so you can switch from one server to another from time to time.

Unlike Web Proxy, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is not always free. You can have a 30 day trial version of a VPN software but once this expires, you will have to purchase a premium version to extend your anonymity and widen the servers you will be able to use in premium version.

Pro’s of Anonymous Surfing

  • You can protect your geolocation information from being exposed – Since your location is not being exposed when you are in anonymous mode, your privacy is totally secured.
  • You can stay away from being prone to web hackers – This is a good assurance you can get from browsing anonymously. Especially if you are accessing your online accounts through public wifi-connections or public networks because you mostly are defenseless when connected to public networks.
  • This will help you avoid unwanted advertisements – If you hate ads too much, you can avoid being followed by ads online. By hiding your IP, these online advertisements will be unable to follow you next time you visit another website.

Con’s of Anonymous Surfing

  • You will need to find a reliable proxy server to hide your IP – Some web proxy sites or proxy servers are identified as proxy server, some are not. If you need total protection to hide your location, you might use a two-layer proxy network or just use a premium VPN for high level security.
  • No data saved – When you are surfing the internet anonymously, you will be unable to recover your lost data such as login information, which is sometimes frustrating whenever you feel tired typing in your login information.
  • You need to change your IP constantly – Some proxy IPs or proxy servers get detected by network security and block these addresses in the process. If you are using a free web proxy and you get detected and blocked, you will need to change your IP address.