A Quick Look at AnonymoX

AnonymoX is one of the popular browser extensions for anonymous surfing and unblocks websites. You can change your IP address with just one click and your original location will be hidden from the internet. No one can know where you are browsing from except AnonymoX as long as the add-on is in use.

By using a different identity, you can unblock websites and browse the internet anonymously. The program runs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and in mobile devices such as Android phones. AnonymoX uses about 200 identities located in every server located in your country list. So far, they use about 16 countries as provided information on their FAQs page.

What do you need to know about AnonymoX?

  • The AnonymoX free version gives you three (3) free country to choose from for your online anonymity. Each country uses different servers with different anonymity you can use online.
  • The AnonymoX premium version gives you about 200 countries to choose from with different identity for each country server so you will definitely have a lot of option as far as your online anonymity is concerned.
  • The AnonymoX premium version can be used in different devices or computers but you are not allowed to use them all at once. So you can use AnonymoX one after another device.
  • You don’t get to see online advertisements while in anonymous identity, unlike the other services which displays click-baiting visuals and texts.
  • AnonymoX is legal to use especially in Western countries like Europe and Northern America.

How secure is your data with AnonymoX?

  • Your information such as IP address is stored in a volatile memory which disposes of your information whenever you shut down or disconnect from the AnonymoX service.
  • Your log data are also not saved for a longer period of time and they are automatically deleted not later than five (5) minutes.
  • AnonymoX uses SSL 256 encryption to their servers which gives total security on your online activities