Best Proxy You Can Use to Change Your IP Address and Unblock Website

When it comes to anonymous browsing, most of us would rather go for free proxy. It’s practical thinking if you will only use it for browsing the web and hide your identity. But if you need to go further than browsing the web such as playing uncensored videos through a streaming media player that is not allowed in your area, to begin with, it takes more than free proxy to get the streaming started.

In some cases, you can still access blocked websites in your area by using a third-party tool to help you bypass your network setup such as TOR browser. However, the internet speed connection in TOR cannot meet your internet speed requirement because the data being transmitted through a TOR browser jumps from nodes to nodes or from computer to computer before you see receive the data pieces by pieces.

While there are so many options you can use to change your IP address, they all don’t seem to have the same anonymity level as one maybe better than the other. With that said, you need to know which one is the most deserving to spend your money to and which one is not.

1. Web Proxy

This type of proxy is actually pretty straightforward and easy to use. No technical installation required from the user’s end whatsoever. All you need to do is type in the website address you want to visit and you’ll be able to visit the website through the web proxy.

While web proxy is free, it cannot bypass all network security to unblock websites. If Youtube, for example, is blocked in your country and you visit it through a web proxy, the video then will not appear because your network setup will easily detect your proxy and automatically ban the website from being accessed again.

Also, if your network administrator or government security is skilled and smart enough to know these doorways to unblock websites, they will probably block these websites before you can even think about it.

Key features:

  • Free
  • No installation required
  • No download required
  • Can be used in multiple computers


  • You can see banner ads everywhere
  • You can only limited IP address
  • You can be detected easily

2. TOR Browser

The Onion Router or (TOR) is another free best proxy you can use. TOR does not require a monthly subscription and can be downloaded to your computer anytime. Therefore, it is definitely an open source software and can be used in multiple computers at once.

Compare to a web proxy, TOR is not easy to detect so your network provider will not see your internet activities and will be unable to restrict you from accessing different websites.

However, the problem with TOR is the internet speed connection. TOR is indeed the toughest and undetectable internet browser anyone can use for free but since it jumps from nodes to nodes to get you a secured internet connection, you need to wait longer than your average waiting time.

Key features:

  • Free
  • You can change IP address which can also change your country location
  • Undetectable internet activities
  • Can be used in multiple computers


  • Pretty damn slow internet speed
  • Can only be used on HTTP/S requests

3. Proxy Server

IP address comes with a free and paid version. Each version has big different privacy protection and security level for its users. But still, both can help you change your identity and hide your original location from potential internet hackers.

Though you can get an IP for a premium or free subscription, the paid version is way much better than free proxy because they are not open for public and these IPs are only dedicated to be used by you. Meaning, paid proxy can’t be reused by another entity to hide their online identity.

Also, compared to a paid proxy, you can’t just throw away your personal information or login combination to a free proxy server because these are not secure. I mean, your information is visible to the administrator of free proxy servers and the IPs might be just a decoy to get personal data information of internet users from the web.

The implementation process of proxy address is quite technical and require at least a basic information on computer networking so you’ll need some assistance if you are not quite techy.

Key features:

  • Can be used in HTTP/S
  • No advertisements on the internet web browser


  • Technical installation process
  • Not all free proxy work well

4. Web Browser Extensions

Internet web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox have the capability to install proxy tool extensions and change your original IP without going through a technical installation process. One very popular you can use is Anonymox, a web extension with a free and paid version which works best whichever version.

Anonymox will get the job done for you. Once installed and activated, it will change your original IP when you connect the web so your identity will be changed in just a matter of clicks which is pretty much convenient than manually changing your IP address.

Key features:

  • Different servers available for free and paid version
  • No technical installation required


  • Limited server options in free version
  • Requires monthly subscription in the paid version

5. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is a third party tool which requires to be installed on a computer with a regular monthly subscription before anyone can use. The installation process is way much easier than manually configuring your IP address as you’ll just normally click your way through the installation process, just like AnonymoX.

VPN is actually the most popular premium proxy on the internet and most secured as it uses a protected tunnel for transmitting data back and forth which hides your internet activity even to your internet service provider (ISP)

With VPN, you can almost do anything even using it through your smart TV and other gadgets with internet access. However, you might not be able to use a single VPN account on multiple computers or devices at once as there are probably restrictions on VPN service.

Key features:

  • Can be used in several gadgets with internet access
  • Untraceable internet browsing activities
  • Most secured private internet connection on the web


  • Cannot be used in multiple devices at once
  • Requires monthly subscription

List of best proxy sites you can use:

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