4 Top Ways to Bypass Proxy and Unblock Websites in Your Network

Surfing the net without restriction is what everyone deserves. This is a privilege for everyone to learn information in just a few clicks away. But when you are unable to access a website because of network setup restriction – that is another story, right?

Bypassing your network restriction can be done in several methods. It can be done by using a virtual private network (VPN), using a web proxy, changing your IP address or even using an anonymity web browser such as TOR. However, not all methods work best for your convenience as it depends on how your network is set up or how your internet service provider (ISP) so the more difficult it was set up, the harder it gets for you to unblock websites.

Why do you need to bypass proxy?

  • This happens because you want to remove internet censorship in your network – Some organizations or countries have restricted websites to access from their network to protect the interest of their organizations or country.
  • Your country is not allowed to access a website – Not everyone is able to access all websites whenever they please. For example, people from China are not allowed to access Facebook without concealing your IP address.
  • You want to hide your internet activities – For some reason, not everyone wants to disclose the websites they visit for their own protection and interest. In that purpose, bypassing proxy is usually committed to conceal their online activities.
  • To remove your browsing history – All servers have logs of which website certain computer in a network has accessed, so if you carelessly use a network with your internet activities being monitored at all times, that will definitely make you feel uncomfortable.
  • You want to remove advertisements – Inevitably, some websites on the web leave a cookie on your computer browser when you visit them – giving them opportunities to keep track on you and display their advertisements when you visit another website. So you want these removed by using a different identity every now and then.
  • You are avoiding computer hackers – To protect your privacy and your safety when accessing public wifi or even the wifi in your School, Office when you access your accounts such as a bank, email or social media, you will need to stay away from being seen by hackers. Since public wifis are easy to hack, connecting to the internet through this network can easily expose all your activities during the time frame you are connected to wifi.

How do you bypass proxy?

  • You can bypass a proxy by using a web proxy – This is a type of proxy helps you bypass the filter in your network through a website. This works by providing you a cached version of a web page you wish to visit through a web proxy. In this proxy setup, you are not directly accessing the web site real time so you can’t log in to your online accounts as you can only see the web pages.
  • Change your default IP to proxy server – This type of proxy directly changes your online identity. By changing your IP address, your network will ignore your internet activities as your IP will not be recognized as part of the network with restrictions to access the web entirely. However, this option requires a technical installation but there are some tutorials can help you.
  • Use TOR Browser – The never gets old advice. TOR browser is the most secure open source anonymity browser you can use. Your identity is automatically changed the moment you open the program to browse the web. If you are not concerned about your internet speed and you only need to access the web, this works best for you. However, I suggest you not to log in your accounts here as you’ll receive a continuous account notification suspicious login activity.
  • Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) – This option is a premium method to bypass the proxy. Before you get started, you will need to install a VPN software to your computer hard drive and register an account for premium access. Once verified, you will be able to use their service as you are required to purchase a monthly subscription before you can fully utilize the program.