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What Is Transparent Proxy?

A transparent proxy is basically a server that is placed between a user’s computer and the internet. It redirects a user’s responses and request to the web server without changing them, while a proxy server that does the opposite is called a non-transparent proxy. Transparent proxy is also known as forced proxy, inline proxy or […]

What is Distorting Proxy?

A distorting proxy also known as a gateway proxy considers itself as a proxy server that alters a user’s HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) headers to conceal or disguise the original IP address, this way it can help protect a user’s personal and information while connecting to the internet.Distorting proxy also has a functionality to conceal […]

Anonymous Web Surfing Tips to

Anonymous surfing refers to browsing the internet without disclosing your original IP address or location through the help of a web proxy or virtual private network (VPN). These proxies also enable you to unblock websites that are restricted to access from a limited network without almost being detected. In this type of internet surfing, you […]