CroxyProxy – An Encrypted Free Proxy Browser That Supports Gmail, Unblocked Youtube Etc.

There’s a lot of proxy browsers out there you can choose from. However, not all of them provide the same service such as SSL encryption, speed of connection and even websites they can unblock for you. For instance, not all proxy browsers can play videos or allow you to access a social networking site. But CroxyProxy is an exemption and can do many things.

CroxyProxy is probably one of the fast proxy browsers that provide encrypted connection, plays videos, access search engines as exactly as you can do on a normal browser without using any programs to unblock a website or conceal your identity. In short, you won’t even feel that you are using a proxy when you’re using Croxyproxy.

CroxyProxy also provides a Google Chrome browser extension that doesn’t give you a numerical IP address but an alphanumeric combination also which more difficult to remember but easy to recognize as proxy server. In short, you can have both IPV4 and IPV6 address if you use Croxyproxy browser extension at the same time.

By default, a normal browser not in use of a Croxyproxy, you won’t have your IPV6 detected but you’ll have this identity when you are in use of Croxyproxy. A little treat for you when you use Croxyproxy extension. It’s probably too much information already for a free proxy but it offers a lot more which I will highlight in the later part of the article.

Croxyproxy Quick Links

To save you from the trouble of typing in the website address of a particular website you want to visit, Croxyproxy has already provided a proxy for the most visit websites on the web for your convenience. You just need to click on a text which appears as the name of the website you want to visit.

Different Language Options

Another benefit of Croxyproxy for foreign users is the option to change the default text content of Croxyproxy official website to their preferred language. If you are a Chinese and you don’t prefer English content, feel free to change it your way for better user experience when you’re using Croxyproxy.

Croxyproxy premium account

It’s not surprising that Croxyproxy will offer a premium account because of their popularity and credibility in providing a reliable, safe and fast web proxy on the web. Their premium proxy offers a complete ad-free browsing experience, different servers available, priority support and money back guarantee if you don’t feel like extending after 7 days of using their premium proxy.

Croxyproxy uses SSL Encryption

While most proxy also uses an SSL encryption such as Kproxy, Whoer, I should mention that Croxyproxy does not charge you any dime and runs by default. That said, you should not worry about the information you’re sending to Croxyproxy server because it’s totally secured and not open for everyone to see outside croxyproxy web server.

Croxyproxy Mirror Sites

Croxyproxy is a popular website, cheap, and reliable web proxy out there so you might encounter Croxyproxy mirror sites that look exactly the same as their official website. I don’t suggest to use these mirror sites because I don’t see any announcement on the official website of Croxyproxy of having published, monitored or maintained such websites.

But I also don’t claim that they are not connected or affiliated to Croxyproxy website. If you feel that using a mirror site won’t put you in danger, be my guest but there’s an official website you can use.

List of Croxyproxy Mirror Sites: