What is Distorting Proxy?

A distorting proxy also known as a gateway proxy considers itself as a proxy server that alters a user’s
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) headers to conceal or disguise the original IP address, this way it can help protect a user’s personal and information while connecting to the internet.Distorting proxy also has a functionality to conceal users as a server, however, there is a risk of being detected and others will know they are using a server. Distorting proxy servers can also be used in all sorts of internet services to speed up the data transfers and still keep the user’s privacy.

Basically, this type of proxy server hides your original IP address by making an incorrect IP address available through HTTP headers.

distorting proxy

This is simple illustration:

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Benefits of using a Distorting Proxy

Just like any other proxy servers, the distorting proxy provides security and protection against malicious hackers in the internet, the risk of identity theft is prevented which can be a comfort for users. Distorting proxy also has the functionality to conceal users’ IP addresses to website administrators and other individuals who plans to jeopardize their safety.

A distorting proxy works like other proxy servers, it sits between a user and a website and acts like a moderator by altering a users’ HTTP headers to conceal their original IP addresses and secure their personal information, web browser details, geographical location, operating system and even the keywords used to find a website.

There are various ways a distorting proxy is used by users and mostly that is to protect their identity on the internet, especially nowadays, where technology is advancing rapidly and illegal disclosure of information can be used against an individual.

How secure is Distorting proxy?

The security of a distorting proxy cannot be guaranteed 100 percent and there would always be a risk with using any types of proxy servers. In addition, users are is risk of being detected by malicious internet attackers and website administrators.

Others will know that a user of distorting proxy is using a proxy server to connect to the internet and this is where the risk starts, there are malicious hackers that stole identity, access personal and banking accounts which make it easier for them to do what they want to do and most of the times, that is to stole or make illegal transfer of money.

The only difference of distorting proxy with other proxy server is the manner it modifies or alters the HTPP headers of the users’ IP addresses; other proxy servers can completely conceal users’ personal data and computer information, while distorting proxy acts by changing the HTTP headers of the users’ IP addresses when they try to connect to the internet.

Basically, distorting proxy acts as a security to users, just like what other proxy servers do.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Distorting Proxy


  • Users can feel confident whenever they browse through the internet and visit different websites when they are using a distorting proxy, because it can conceal their identity and online activities.
  • The distorting proxy also gives users the opportunity to bypass websites that are blocked in their country, offices, schools and other establishments where specific websites are blocked.
  • Users’ computers can also be secured from malware while they are browsing the internet.


  • There are risks involved when using distorting proxy because providers can access users’ personal information; passwords, log in details and even bank account information can be stolen from a user.
  • Malicious hackers can also gain access on various proxy service companies and most of the times; users are relying on these companies to secure their identity from the internet.

It is expected that proxy servers will innovate as technology rapidly change in a blink of an eye, soon there would be more possible ways these servers can help users secure their data and identity from the internet’s huge niche.

It is always to advisable to keep cautious when using a proxy server and users must only trust reliable ones that can really protect them. There would always be advantages and disadvantages to find and encounter, and it is better to always think before making a decision to choose which proxy server a user needs most. Users must also choose a server proxy service that has been proven to do its functionality well to prevent problems that may happen.

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