What to do if ExtraTorrent is Down – Use a Proxy or Alternatives?

Going back 10 years ago, Extratorrent became the king of internet download or torrenting source from the web. It’s a search engine of everything you need to find online such as software installer, pirated movie, song albums, and even TV series were stored there and ready for download whenever you desire.

The good thing about downloading from a torrent website is that you never have to worry about downloading your files in full without having problems whatsoever when your download is completed. Compared to a direct download from legitimate source wherein if you lose your internet connection, your download will be interrupted and could corrupt your file.

This usually happens in large files such as movies or computer software.

The bad things are the files from Torrent websites like Extratorrent have viruses and fake files that could inject a virus into your computer and cause harm to your system. Therefore, you need to be observant when choosing your download source, seeds, peers, etc that might give you an indication of what you are downloading is the real thing.

While Extratorrent shut down voluntarily by its owner, there have been many clones of Extratorrent reported over the internet. And in this post, I will provide these clones and you can decide for yourself if it is a real deal or not.

Note: The official website of Extratorrent when it was active was Extratorrent.cc which is no longer active.

Extratorrent Proxy

There has also been a lot of claims about extratorrent proxy which give you access to extratorrent website for better download experience. While I think extratorrent proxy is quite attractive to people finding their way to download files for free, I don’t think there’s such proxy for extratorrent because the website itself is shut down. Unless they went underground and allowed several IPs to acces their system and download files.

Extratorrent Mirror

Mirror sites are replicated copy of the original website. They look exactly the same from the design, navigation and content. However, I doubt extratorrent mirror or clone to be affiliated with the original website because the fact they shut it down, they won’t make sense if they published clones of their website.

Unblock extratorrent

If you also want to unblock extratorrent because it’s claimed to be blocked in your country, there might be no such way to unblock it. In the first place, the original website is down and you can’t access a website that is not on the internet. Unless, it’s a clone website and it’s IP address has been blocked in your country.

Extratorrent alternative

Obviously, the online piracy market is such a huge unauthorized business, there’s been a lot of alternative websites related to extratorrent that provide the same service as them. A few of the most popular torrent download site are Kickasstorrent, Bit Torrent,  Utorrent, YIFY Torrent, Torrent Freak and many more which are probably still active and have been providing downloadable files.

List of extratorrent mirror sites (unofficial)

  • Extratorrents2019.site
  • Extratorrents.co
  • Extratorrents-cc.com
  • Extratorrent.to
  • Extratorrent.one
  • Extratorrent.com.au
  • Extratorrents.ch
  • Extratorrent.ag
  • Extratorrent.cool
  • Extratorrent.si
  • Extratorrent.cm
  • Extratorrent.proxybunker.website

Note: I am not affiliated with Extratorrent and I don’t endorse clone/mirror sites stated above. I’m merely providing information about the topic.