Facebook Proxy Sites You Can Use to Unblock Facebook

Not all countries have access to Facebook. Not all schools allow access to Facebook and for parental control, not all parents allow their children to use Facebook.

Are you one of the people who aren’t allowed to use Facebook due to restrictions set-up by your ISP or government? Well, you’re not alone because there are other people who are in the same situation as you.

But lucky for you, there are still effective methods you can actually use to unblock Facebook and connect with your families and friends online. In fact, you can do it for free permanently by using the following websites below:


Our first in line is a web proxy that can access Facebook by bypassing your server and using their own to gain access. It’s not the safest way of accessing Facebook from a limited network but it’s the only straightforward method you can use without manually changing your IP or installing a VPN on your computer or device.

However, the problem you’ll encounter with this website is you get to access Facebook by default in a mobile format so you if you are accessing Facebook from a desktop computer, you will see a mobile version on your screen.

Another note to mention is that this website uses different servers you can use so when a server is blocked, you can use another server that might get a chance to crossover your restriction.


This is another web proxy you can use to unblock Facebook. This proxy site can help you use Facebook for mobile and desktop version unlike the one on our first list. However, the problem you’ll encounter with this proxy site is that by default, you’ll see a different language that is not English but you can change that manually on your browser for browser and mobile device.

Another important note to mention is that this website is full of ads. Whenever you click on Facebook while you’re in this web proxy, you’ll always get to click on pop up ads which don’t look safe and good experience for users.


If you will use this website, you need to copy or type the URL exactly as you see in the subtitle above, with .php. If you don’t, it won’t work and you’ll get a 404 respond. This website also gives access to Facebook even if your network wouldn’t let you due to restriction.

However, compared to the first two websites I mentioned, it uses different languages that you can choose from when you’re using this web proxy to unblock Facebook. Also, another thing to note is they use an ad frame that will reduce the space you’ll see when you visit Facebook. So you may have to click on their Ad from time to time.


This is probably the most trusted Facebook proxy that you can use among all the websites I mentioned in this post. This website doesn’t have an annoying ad that you’ll accidentally click on as they prioritize their users than ads.

However, their server runs slow when you’re using their web proxy compared to the other proxy sites I mentioned above because their main method to unblock Facebook is through a VPN which is a premium service.

Another thing you must know is that their web proxy isn’t capable of registering for new accounts so you probably need to use your own existing Facebook account when you use their Facebook proxy site.

That’s it. A few Facebook proxy sites you can use to unblock Facebook.

The list below will give you enough reason why Facebook is blocked.

Facebook can be dangerous

You can’t blame a country, an organization or your parents when Facebook is blocked in your location. It’s just there’s a lot of things you can see on Facebook and these categories (country, organization, parents) can’t protect you from all the horrible things that you might encounter on Facebook.

Facebook consumes your time

Facebook is also easy to get attracted to. If you get addicted to using it, you’ll find yourself automatically choosing Facebook when you open your browser or when you open your mobile phone even if you have an important thing to do.

In fact, it’s your body that will automatically react to it as your mind tells you what to do habitually when you are on a computer or holding your mobile phone.

Facebook almost has all the information about you

Even if you do, believe it or not, Facebook has already obtained information about you and sometimes even more than you ever submitted to the app. Since Facebook store your information on a server, there’s is a little risk that people may hack in that server and leak all information in that server.

Although Facebook servers are adequately protected, there could still be some nasty method to penetrate their servers. Internally for example, which happened in 2018 when third party softwares got access to these servers.

There’s probably a lot more reasons you can add to this list why Facebook is blocked and how to unblock Facebook. Be sure to let me know of that.