Free IP, Free Proxy List to Hide Your Real IP Address

The internet has been both beneficial and dangerous to most people. Beneficial because a lot of us can make money through the internet.

You can sell online or you can market your business online.

But it is also dangerous to those who do not understand how the internet works and not aware of potential threat.

A perfect example is by disclosing your information to the public such as geographic location, photos or even exact home address which often results to cybercrime.

What is cybercrime?

A Cybercrime happens when someone accesses your computer and steal your confidential information such as credit card details and use to purchase online out of your knowledge.

It can also be unauthorized distribution of your sensitive and private photos to adult websites unknowingly.

And worst if those pictures are using against you to blackmail you.

Why Hide Your Identity Online?

Due to potential threat to internet users, intentionally changing or hiding your original IP address should be a normal approach. If you are aware of the importance of anonymous surfing, this should not be a discussion matter but if you are not, here are valid reasons you can consider:

  • To secure your, hide and protect your online information to computer hackers.
  • To hide your internet activities to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Unblock access to geoblock websites
  • To protect your children to disclose common information to the world
  • Your connection is not encrypted

Free Proxy and Free Proxy List:

They own different websites which related to anonymous surfing. They have free proxy list for web browsing, Youtube or Facebook unblocking or if you need to hide your IP, they have the kind of solution for you. To get these resources for you to use, you can go directly to their website and choose what protection you need or just see one below: – This website provide about 300 free proxy list which are all carefully monitored every 10 minutes to keep providing you fresh proxy list.The anonymous proxy list available from this website is United States and United Kingdom and they also provide web proxy list.

If you need a country specific free proxy address, you can select by type of request you prefer such as http or https. Their list is also updated in a regular basis so you can always be sure that the proxy you will use are fresh.

Unfortunately, their search function does not quite provide enough information to users so I suggest that you go by country list instead of using their search function. They have a dedicated proxy list per country combined of HTTP and HTTPS which is more convenient of you wish to try both.

With over 8000 proxies available, you can choose any type of proxies based on your requirement. Their type of proxy anonymity are categorized on different anonymity level of proxies provided below:

  • Transparent Proxy
  • Anonymous Proxy
  • Distorting Proxy
  • High Anonymous Proxy

They also have protocol for http, https, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 so you can say you almost have everything you need from

Categorized by country and by ports, Proxylists provide large selection of proxy addresses available for everyone to use to protect privacy. Unlike other free proxy providers, this website has categorized proxy addresses by ports which are quite helpful if you are well aware of what they mean.

By itself proxy port number tells you a little about proxy server capabilities. For example, a proxy listening to port number 443 does not necessarily support SSL connection.

Are Proxy Servers Safe?

Not all proxy servers or web proxy are alike. There are good ones but there are also not-so-good ones. But since proxy servers are designed for HTTP/HTTPS mainly, be it that way. Do not just give away your accounts access combination if you don’t feel comfortable when you’re using a proxy IP. Just play it safe

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