What Is High Anonymity Proxy?

High Anonymity Proxy

High anonymity proxy is also known as an elite proxy, this type of proxy server can do all the basic functions that any other proxy does with some unique feature additions. A high anonymity has all the advantages that an anonymous proxy has in terms of its privacy and it also has the capacity to conceal that a user is using a proxy server to connect to the internet.

High Anonymity Proxy

When a user uses a high anonymity proxy, it provides the most advanced security by giving the best privacy and protection on the internet. The user’s IP address is completely hidden and makes it appear like the server is the user.

To simplify:

High anynomity proxy periodically changes your IP address to avoid detection.

The Benefits of using a High Anonymity Proxy

The usage of proxy servers is basically to give users privacy whenever they connect to the internet and visit a website; this goes out the same with the high anonymity proxy. Websites has the feature to track and gather users’ information, such as their geographical location, internet connection, web browser, operating system and even the keyword they use to search for a website.

The main reason why users are using these proxy servers is to conceal their information from malicious hackers lurking within the internet that can jeopardize their data and computers.

High anonymity proxy works by completely concealing a user’s IP address and computer information; the headers usually sent out by the proxy are not included with the user’s usual IP address that is customary. It is also considered the most secured because the users can use the high anonymity proxy to work with other platforms to further improve their computer security.

There are machines called VPS (Virtual Private Server) sold by various internet server companies that can further improve the user’s protection. The VPS is also customizable so users can adapt a system that will work best for their needs, and they can ensure that surfing on the internet, do their business and downloading data will not jeopardize their privacy.

What makes High Anonymity Proxy unique?

High anonymity proxy also only include the REMOTE_ADDR header with the user’s IP address of the proxy server, which makes it appear that the server is the user. This is the number one factor that makes this proxy more secure compared to the others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Anonymity Proxy


  • Experts believe that high anonymity proxy gives the best user privacy and protection to conceal personal information hidden and secured.
  • The high anonymity proxy is best to use when accessing or downloading a foreign program, because the foreign server will not determine that the user is not from around the region.
  • This proxy is the most excellent way to protect users’ information and computer anonymous when connecting to the internet.
  • The use of proxy servers in general decreases the number of cybercrimes such as identity theft.


  • When a high anonymity proxy is not configured properly, a third party or malicious hackers can get hold of users’ data and information that can jeopardize their security.
  • Most malicious hackers and internet attackers use high anonymity proxy for their security and protection; therefore it will cause the speed to become slower.
  • There is always threat in using proxy servers because all data being transferred to it are at risk of being shared with malicious internet users.

Users who don’t have the technical background can become incredibly confuse on what to do to make their data protected whenever they connect to the internet. However, it need not be overwhelming. Understanding how proxy servers work is not that difficult.

Web proxies are vital parts of connecting to the internet, may it be for personal or business-related reason and high anonymity proxy is the answer to all the security dilemmas a user is facing.

Users can rest assured that their information and data are safe by using the high anonymity proxy. It is important to understand that creating digital footprint is also can jeopardize a user’s safety. They must also keep mind that there are risk in using public proxy servers and they must be cautious in choosing the service they need. Users must also keep their data and passwords encrypted to ensure their safety.