Kickass Torrent Review: Mirror Sites, Proxy and Alternative

You might be in the hunt of the best source of torrent link to download your favorite TV shows, recent movies, songs or even software applications. And kickass torrent probably on top your mind.

While it is true that there’s so many torrent link you can source and download from this website, there is important information you need to know about before doing so.

Here’s a bit of trivia..

KickassTorrents or KAT, a torrent search engine and community forum which was launched in 2008 and it was one of the most visited torrent sites in the history of unauthorized file sharing platforms. But due to its consecutive copyright infringement in one country after another, KAT was taken down by the government in 2016 and KAT proxy servers went offline at the same time.

In late 2016, KAT was revived by its staff members and moves from one domain to another every six months as they were hunted down by the government.

No official Mirror Sites

While KAT had several domains extension such as,, there’s been no official mirror site KAT has launched or announced to its community, except This means websites that claim to be a mirror site of KAT could possibly inject computer virus into your system.

For some reason, since the popularity of KAT on the internet, a lot of people are taking advantage of it by publishing an alleged mirror site and drop an unlimited ads to make money off of it.

Fake Torrent Links

There have been fake torrent links reported in the unofficial KAT community on Reddit which should make you doubt if it’s safe for you to download a file from KAT.

Since KAT is user-generated content, KAT Mods probably don’t have enough time to look into each file being uploaded into their systems at all times.

But users can report fake links to mod for immediate action.

Chock Full of Ads

The main source of fund of KAT website is on-site advertisements. It’s sometimes annoying when you click anywhere on the page and a window pops up. While that ultimately kills user experience, KAT needs financial support to maintain its website and bandwidth limit. Otherwise, we will have to say goodbye to KAT for good.

KickassTorrent Unexpected Maintenance or Downtime

Since KAT is still in the recovery of becoming the best torrent site on the internet once again, they need to take things done one step at a time. One of it is probably, site maintenance when they need to resolve

Helpful KickassTorrent Unofficial Community

You’ll be surprised that there’s an active community of KAT users on the internet that have been actively sharing information, tips, and advice anything related to KAT. This community can be found on with over at least 15k users. However, since this is an unofficial community, you can’t have anyone from this community responsible for whatever you experienced by downloading from KAT torrents.

And these are things you ought to know about KickassTorrent.

  • The old domain is seized but moderators launched a site exactly similar to the main website.
  • There’s no official mirror site announced by Moderators.
  • There are reported fake torrent links.
  • The site is Ads aggressive
  • Unannounced Downtime
  • Has an unofficial community on Reddit

List of Kickass Torrent Alternative:

DomainWebsite URL

List of Kickass Torrent Mirror:

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