KProxy: Free Anonymous Web Proxy

Kproxy is another web proxy server that gives anonymous identity to its users. With Kproxy, you can unblock website, conceal your identity, surf privately and protect your computer from potential hacker attacks.

Kproxy offers free and premium account. The Kproxy free account is limited to only few servers, limited downloads, visible ads etc. While the premium account gives you total anonymity with unlimited downloads, no ads, undetectable servers.

KProxy Features:

  • Has its own browser
  • Has a Google Chrome Extension
  • Has Add on for Firefox
  • Has a software application
  • Has multiple servers

Kproxy Premium Packages:

  • Basic Plan is good for 10 days.
  • Premium Plan is good for 30 days.
  • VIP plan is good for 180 days.

How to use KProxy

KProxy is very easy and straightforward to use. You just need to visit their website and you will see a address box in which you should place the address of a website you wish to visit.

Then click surf.

You can enjoy browsing the web anonymously.

How to Install Kproxy Chrome Extension

Installing Kproxy is also a no brainer task. You have two options how you want to go about installing Kproxy Chrome extension.

Option 1. Visit Kproxy website and click link to chrome extension page.

Option 2. Google Kproxy Chrome extension and click on the link with “”

Once you have landed on Kproxy chrome extension page, click the button that says “add to desktop”

That’s it. You are done.

How to Install Kproxy to Mozilla Add-ons

Installing Kproxy to your Mozilla browser is exactly similar on how you will install via Google chrome.

So you can just copy the process for Google Chrome and you are done.

How to Install KProxy Browser

Installing KProxy browser is like installing TOR browser. You don’t actually have to install the browser to your computer system because Kproxy browser is portable firefox with preconfigured KProxy extension.

You can download KProxy browser on KProxy official website and just unzip the file then you can enjoy browsing the web.

How to install KProxy Agent

Kproxy agent is for tech savvy users. In order to effectively run the software, you must configure manually it’s proxy settings to begin the anonymity.

Kproxy runs on a computer with Java enabled and works great but extension and browser based work better.

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