Mobile Proxy: How Can you Unblock Website and Bypass Proxy on Your Android Device?

The mobile technology as of today has become more sophisticated and intelligent. You can watch videos online and offline, install computer-based applications for personal or professional use. Whatever you desire to use on mobile is now almost quite possible.

In fact, mobile also plays an important role in internet traffic as most of us access the web through mobile devices and it is more convenient than using a laptop or desktop computer whether you are in the office, at school or public establishment.

However, not everyone wants to provide free access to the web as some websites are expected to be blocked from being accessed in some places like Schools, Offices and even countries. While it is in their full authority and control to decide which website is to allow and which is not, you can still be able to access restricted websites while connected to their network.

Mobile IP Configuration

The most common and obvious method is to configure the default IP address on your mobile provided by the network you are currently connected to.

This IP address assigned to your mobile phone is probably included in their list of IP addresses with no administrative access to blocked websites. So if you change this information on your mobile phone, you will be able to access the web.

How to change IP in mobile phone:

Step 1: Go to your wifi settings, this should give you a list of available wifi you can connect to. – You should be connected to one of this available wifis in your phone. Otherwise, you can’t proceed to further step.

Step 2: Long press the wifi network you are connected to and a popup window should appear.

Step 3: Choose to modify network and check to show advanced options.

Step 4: Change proxy settings to manual. – This should give you IP information details.

Step 5: Configure proxy information.

If you don’t know where to get a proxy address from, I provided a list of source you can choose from such as UK proxy, US proxy, free proxy.

Use Orbot – Anonymity Browser

Another common method you can use to bypass filter in your network and unblock website is to use an open source VPN for mobile devices. Orbot works like a VPN which supports anonymous browsing, unblocking websites.

However, it does not work with all applications as there are dedicated mobile applications which need orbot to run with to hide your IP for a better experience.

I remember installing it once and I used a normal android default browser and it redirected me to a website says I am not using TOR and my IP is displayed. So I checked twice if the IP displayed was my original IP and it was.

Another thing to keep in mind when using Orbot is not a VPN alternative. VPN is a premium subscription program which conceals your online activities in their own data servers and Orbot is jumping from one node to another transmitting your data. So you can expect Orbot to provide a slow internet connection.

Use VPN for Mobile

It is not a surprise to see a virtual private network (VPN) as one of the recommendations for mobile anonymity browsing. It is of course widely used not only in mobile devices but also in desktop computers and in appliances with internet access.

However, VPNs are usually not free of charge so you should expect to experience limited features with the free version so do not always believe in what you see. While VPNs have trial version it is recommended to use a  premium version so you can fully utilize the service.

In terms of anonymity level, VPNs offer untraceable and undetectable internet activities which make VPNs the most reliable anonymity software over TOR, Proxy IP or even web proxy for privacy protection. You are also secure that your personal information is not shared to anyone else even with people working behind your VPN provider.

Is it necessary to change IP on Android Phone?

It depends on your needs. If there are restrictions in your network such as blocked websites, unplayable videos, you can consider changing your IP address if you need access to this restricted area in your network.

Why would you use a proxy on Android Phone?

To protect your online activities and hide the websites you visit. This usually happens if you need to hide something in your browsing history and avoid the risks of being hacked especially when you frequently connect to public wifi.

Is it safe to use proxy on Android Phone?

This depends on what are you going to use and where you will get your proxy form. If you will manually configure your proxy address, you need to find use a trustworthy source. Otherwise, you will just give away your information freely.