Best Premium Proxy List for Private and Secure Browsing

Using proxy servers or web proxy are the most usual approach when unblocking websites prohibited in a limited network setup. You don’t need to install a VPN on your PC to change your IP and you don’t need to pay a premium service just  to unblock websites.

However, there are instances when proxy servers or web proxies aren’t enough to do the job. As a result, you will find yourself looking for another proxy server that can crack the website and make it available in your location. But it will probably take time before you can find one as there are so many of proxy servers out there and you need to try all of them one by one.

Clearly, there are VPNs available on the web that you can choose from but even VPNs get blocked and not a good sign for business use. So to give you alternative methods you can use rather than VPN, I searched the web for websites that provide premium proxy with reasonable monthly rate, easy to use, don’t get blocked, and no installation required on your end.


Oxylabs offers premium proxy that appears to be untraceable and completely anonymous. According to Oxylabs, they have premium IP for all countries, cities on the globe so if you need an IP located in United Kingdom, they can give you a UK proxy. It may also appear that Oxylabs has the most largest collection of premium proxy they are offering to all their users and these premium IPs won’t get blocked.

What they guarantee:

  • Unique and Real IP address
  • No IP Ban
  • Global coverage of IP
  • Zero Captcha

If you are not satisfied with a single premium proxy, offers at least a minimum of 3 proxies for a single purchase starts from $9/month. All of their premium IPs can be used for any purpose such as email, videos or even on your smart TVs. Unfortunately, they don’t provide premium IPs to all countries but they mainly provide premium IP for United States and United Kingdom.

Another good thing about is if the proxy you are using gets blocked or banned, they can swap that blocked proxy to a brand new one every month. You just need to email their customer service and let them know of the situation you are in.

What they guarantee:

  • Free swap of banned IP address per month
  • Unlimited bandwidth by default
  • Money back guarantee if their proxies don’t work


If you are looking for premium proxy for web browsers, Instantproxies is probably the right one for you. This premium proxy provider brings you their strategic advantage with competitors by asking you of what purpose you need their proxies for. After that, you can aslo test if their proxies from 0-10 to 500 different proxies are working for that specific purpose.

Just a quick note. Every request you make on different purpose, their proxy list will change by default so don’t think they have limited proxies for Facebook, Youtube, Google etc because they don’t.

What they guarantee:

  • All of their proxies are 100% online
  • Previous 24 hours of their proxies are 100% up time


If you are looking for premium IPs that work with your smart TV to access Netflix, Hulu and other 400+ services, SmartDNSProxy is probably the one you need. SmartDNSProxy has servers for their DNS Proxy and VPN all over the web and it is advised that when you set up their proxy, choose the most closest to your physical location.

What they guarantee:

  • Faster than VPN
  • No software needed
  • Works Globally
  • Always Secure


If you are looking for a shared premium proxy or premium proxy that changes every month, Ninjasproxy is the one right for you. They offer premium proxy from $0.60 to $2/month per proxy and they also offer proxies in bulk which are all anonymous

What they guarantee:

  • All are brand new IPs
  • IP refresh is done by default
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Another proxy provider you might be interested in that also offer shared proxy is Ezproxies. What I don’t like about Ezproxies is you can’t buy an IP for yourself but always in bulk which is not applicable to some individuals. Also, if you want to verify first if their premium proxies will work on a specific website, you need to email them first to get an answer.

What they guarantee:

  • 24/7 support
  • Highly anonymous

Cost of Premium Proxy

Premium proxy aren’t cheap. You can purchase a premium proxy from 0.60/month per IP or you can buy in bulk. These premium proxies that you’ll get are 100% brand new, anonymous, high speed and secured connection as guaranteed by proxy providers mentioned above.

Should you buy a premium proxy

That totally depends on your needs. If you badly need a proxy for permanent use, I suggest you get one for yourself but if you don’t regularly access the internet, it’s probably not worth your money to buy a premium proxy.

The use of proxy or vpn is to unblock websites that aren’t allowed in your location but if you’ll only use access a website once, you don’t need to buy premium IP.

Final words

It’s your total discretion whether or not you will use a premium proxy or not. My ultimate goal here is to provide you a list of premium proxy you can choose from at your own risk 🙂