Quick Review of Free Web Proxy Site List and Proxy Browser for Anonymous Surfing

When it comes to browsing the web anonymously, what comes up in your mind first?


A web proxy or

Proxy IP address?

There’s a lot right. And I haven’t mentioned TOR Browser yet.

For many, it’s pretty straightforward if they’ll use free proxy web browser because it does the trick in just a couple of clicks in a matter of secs. If you know a proxy site already, it would have been a lot easier to access websites that are restricted to be accessed from your network. In fact, online proxy browser nowadays are ballooning and you just need to find a good one that will satisfy your needs.

Because not all proxy sites are created equal.

That’s right. I’ve encountered a lot of proxy sites that aren’t very good at all in terms of performance and so you need to avoid these sites before you get frustrated with their service. There are proxy sites that are able to give you high anonymity level, play videos, click external links and less annoying. If you haven’t used a proxy site at all, here are the things that will not satisfy your needs.

  • Excessive Ads
  • An annoying frame that’s blocking half portion of your screen
  • Unable to play videos
  • Unable to visit external links without disclosing your original IP address
  • Slow data transfer from a proxy site server to your browser

If you encounter any of the issues I mentioned above, you probably got a low-quality proxy site and you need to find a better one for a better browsing experience. But finding a better one may consume your time and as a result, you may lose your interest in using a proxy site to bypass a network and unblock a website. I feel you right there.

So I did the hard work myself and looked for proxy sites that you can use to potentially bypass your network and unblock Youtube. I also provided a few information you might be interested in such as if a proxy site can play youtube or contains iFrame.

But before we get to that, here’s a fun fact you may want to know:

Why websites are being blocked – It’s a good question. There are a lot of answers to that but it always depends on the set of restriction a country, company or organization has. For instance, schools don’t allow accessing Facebook from their network so, in order to break that restriction, you try to find alternative methods to bypass their network.

Is accessing a blocked website illegal – One thing is for sure. As long as you are not distributing copyrighted materials, you are not committing a crime. It’s just a restriction and you’re not required to answer the law.

Now, to the free anonymous web browser list.


Zalmos Proxy

Zalmos pretty much got everything you need. Zalmos encrypt all your web activities to make sure no one else can identify the websites you visit on the web. Apart from encryption, Zalmos also use SSL certificates which protects the data transfer from your end to another server. If you also worry about your logs, they don’t keep your logs and it’s burned to ashes right after you close your browser so it will look like you never access a restricted website through Zalmos.

Server: France, Netherland
Play Videos: Yes
Frame: No
External Link: Yes
Encryption: Yes



Next on our list is probably known by a lot of people. It provides the same service as Zalmos but Croxyproxy has a Google Chrome extension you can use without accessing directly the croxyproxy website. While I mentioned earlier that proxy sites are entirely free, Croxyproxy has premium service you can try for 30days without any cost which will remove the frame

The downside of Croxyproxy is it takes a while to launch its proxy and when you load pages, it’s not as fast as Zalmos so you’ll have to wait for at least 5 seconds max.

Server: Undisclosed
Play Videos: Yes
Frame: No
External Link: Yes
Encryption: Yes



Another proxy site you might cross path with is Kproxy. At first, I thought their web proxy works better the same way their chrome extension but it did not. Kproxy works best as an extension or add-on but you will be disappointed if you decide to use their web proxy.

Here’s why:

  • Their web proxy takes a while to launch, same as Croxyproxy.
  • Kproxy does not support search engines
  • Kproxy servers have problems with video playing

You can load Youtube website, see clips but when you play a video, it won’t load anymore. Maybe it’s just a server problem I encountered but I tried a few times on their server9 and 6 and none of them worked.

Server: Undisclosed
Play Videos: No
Frame: Yes
External Link: No
Encryption: Yes



Another proxy site that plays video is 4everProxy. In fact, this proxy site offers a lot of features. You can choose different web servers from their list, IP location, you can choose whether to remove page title or scripts, allow cookies or even encrypt a particular page manually. However, 4everProxy has an annoying frame that covers a larger part of the page which requires you to scroll down in order to minimize 4everProxy frame.

Server: Different locations
Play Videos: Yes
Frame: Yes
External Link: Yes
Encryption: Yes



Next on our proxy site list is nothing but plain and a simple one. It supports everything from accessing emails, searching on Google and even playing videos on Youtube. It’s a transparent proxy which basically acts as an intermediary proxy server between the user and the content provider assigned to do one task only which is to intercept your requests.

Server: Canada
Play Videos: Yes
Frame: No
External Link: Yes
Encryption: Yes

Another good feature of VeriPN is you can use it on your TV and access websites that are not allowed to be played in your location. They also provide customer support for their subscribers whenever a technical assistance is required. Yes, although VeriPN is a premium proxy site, they also do provide freemium service you can try in the beginning.

That’s it.

You might be wondering why I didn’t include those top leading sites in Google SERPs when you search for proxy sites. The thing is, checked one by one all those proxy sites but none of them were able to satisfy my needs and therefore, I decided not to include them. However, I provided a bit of information what do these proxy sites do, are they useful, effective and more importantly, if they are safe.

Proxysite.com – It’s the most visited free web proxy browser on the web. However, there seems to be something wrong with their system when I checked it in May 2019. I can’t seem to access any website through this proxy and their system appears to be broken.

Webproxy.to – Another highly visited web proxy browser on the internet. However, this free internet proxy browser solely exists to monetize on ads placed on their website.

Proxysite.site – An ads driven web proxy browser that also exists to monetize their web traffic.

Note: This proxy website list will be updated from time to time and without prior notice.