Just Web Proxy Scholarship Program

JustWebProxy, founded in 2017 has launched a scholarship program for students currently in need of financial assistance to support their studies worth $500. This scholarship program was inspired by the abiding interests of many individuals who are determined to pursue their studies despite all difficulties in life.

About the Scholarship

All participants are required to send in their entries in a form of content with at least a minimum of 1,000-word count about online privacy and safety.

All participants will need to email me at scholarship@justwebproxy.com for the topic they can cover, for verification and approval to avoid conflict of topic entry with other interested participants.

All entries will be posted on the website and whoever entry receives the highest visits with a minimum of 500 by the end of 2019, will be proclaimed the winner.

Scholarship Program Requirements

  • All interested students must be currently enrolled in any university 2019-2020 School Year
  • A valid ID or any document to prove your eligibility to participate as a university student.
  • Written content by the participants
  • Student email should be used to participate in this program

How to apply for this scholarship program

  • Send an email to scholarship@justwebproxy.com using your student email.
  • Ask approval for the content you can cover for your entry.
  • Once approved, send the document in PDF format, .doc file or in Google drive as a document.

Deadline and Winner Announcement

The deadline for this program is on December 31, 2019, and the winner will be announced on the website and will be emailed to the Finaid department of the winner’s University.

Note to Students and Universities

All information of participants are kept in our system and will not be distributed to any third party organizations nor will be used to sell anything. We do not ask our participants to pay anything whatsoever to qualify for this scholarship program.

Best of luck!

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