Socks Proxy, TOR, VPN, HTTP, and Proxy Server Comparison

The internet has become more sophisticated over time, so as the need for anonymous browsing. There has been a lot of network setup filtering from web browser to computer program application such as messaging or video streaming programs. It can be either administered by your internet service provider (ISP) or your country restriction rule.

Either way, you can’t access a website using your regular internet connection and default IP address due to restrictions implemented. Therefore, you are forced to take action by finding your way out from the network with limited access and connect somewhere to hide your identity and browsing activities.

While there are a lot of methods you can use to change your online identity such as through a web proxy, changing your IP address to bypass filter your network or even use TOR browser, these are only enough to enable you to access HTTP requests.

Socks Proxy Vs VPN

Socks proxy and VPN have the same behavior. They can be both used not only for HTTP or HTTPS requests but they can also be used in other computer programs like gaming or messaging. When it comes to the difference between the two, VPN offers more proxy IP to the user and socks proxy needs to be manually configured in your network settings one at a time.

But since configuring socks proxy at a time is not quite convenient compared to VPN, I strongly suggest that you use a VPN instead.

Socks Proxy Vs HTTP proxy

HTTP and socks proxy has a lot of difference. In fact, they can’t be considered the same as they both operate differently from one another. While it is true that socks proxy can be used for HTTP requests, that’s not all there is to it. Socks proxy can be used for torrent download and running other computer application such as Yahoo messenger or Skype.

In terms of anonymity, HTTP proxy is not always anonymous. Some HTTP proxy exposes your true identity so you can never be sure of your online anonymity. Socks proxy does establish a TCP connection from your socks proxy server to another server from the client.

Socks Proxy Vs Proxy Server

First thing first, these two proxy are not the same. If you are not quite familiar with what a proxy is, you will probably expect these two proxies to be the same. Socks proxy is an IP address gives you strong anonymity online and the proxy server is also an IP address which also gives you anonymity online.

However, in terms of behavior, socks proxy server’s general purpose is to create another TCP server connection on behalf of a client. While proxy servers act as a middleman between two device such as server to server from which a user is requesting a service.

Socks Proxy vs TOR

These two should not be compared to one another but for the sake of this article, let’s make a consideration. TOR is well known for anonymous browsing and undetectable internet activities. If you need to hide all your browsing activities for free, TOR is your go-to software.

Unfortunately, TOR is not capable of processing any other requests than HTTP. Therefore, you are unable to access your Skype or messaging software installed on your computer in an encrypted connection. But if you are only in need of HTTP connection, TOR is probably your best choice.

Socks proxy, on the other hand, can do both. Socks proxy is able to handle HTTP requests and can also encrypt your connection in other software applications other than a web browser. The only difficult with socks proxy is you have to manually configure the IP settings to mask your identity.

Where can you get socks proxy?

There are two kinds of socks proxy you can use, free or paid socks proxy. Each proxy has the same goal, behavior and purpose but they do still have a difference. Free socks proxy do not exist quite much longer, so as other proxy servers. But premium socks proxy do not. As long as you keep maintain your premium account, you should be able to use your socks proxy whenever you please.

  • – This proxy provider offers socks4 and socks5 proxy. They have about 100 socks proxy list you can choose from which are checked every minute. Their list of socks proxy is hosted in different countries such as the United States, Finland, Norway, Japan, Sweden and many more and use many different kinds of ports.
  • – This one also offers socks4 and socks5 proxy. The good thing about their list of socks proxy is they separated the socks4 list from socks5 list so you’ll not be confused which is socks4 and socks5 proxy. Another good thing about this website is they let you check whether a socks proxy is working or not. However, only offers free proxy and no premium proxy is available so you’ll have to change your socks proxy manually when your socks proxy no longer works.

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