Everything You Need to Know about SSL Proxy

An SSL proxy is a type of proxy which gives you a high level of anonymity protection and enables you to access websites using the encrypted connection between the web server and users.

Typically, you will be able to access HTTPS websites that cannot be accessed by other proxy servers only created for HTTP connections. SSL proxy is an elite proxy which makes it superior among other types of a proxy who do not use an SSL connection. While some proxy is labeled elite proxy, some of them are using the only HTTP which where the difference happens.


  • HTTP and HTTPS are both different proxies, different behavior, and goals.
  • HTTP requests are directly sent from the client to the HTTP server and forward the request to the client.
  • HTTPS encrypts and decrypts your data throughout the process of data transmission from the server to the client.

Some things to take note:

HTTPS is known as SSL Proxy

SSL proxy means Secure Sockets Layer proxy and also known as Transport Layer Security proxies

While SSL proxy provides a secure connection, they still have a difference such as speed connection. Not all SSL proxy have the same provider and these providers do not use the same dedicated servers and a lot of bandwidth for each proxy to use.

Some SSL proxy may not be available. Since there are SSL proxy providers, some servers may have been shut down due to the budget issue.

SSL Proxy can be used not only in web browsing but also on other computer programs such as outlook or messaging.

Where can I get SSL proxy:

SSLproxies.org – This SSL proxy provider has 100 lists of SSL proxy you can use which are all checked every now and then. They offer free and premium proxy with 59 servers in 25 different countries so you can hide your IP from any of these servers and remain undetected.

https://list.proxylistplus.com/SSL-Proxy – This SSL proxy provider also offers a lot of proxy IP addresses you can use for a high level of anonymity from a different country location such as US proxy. These are all free proxy so you’ll not spend anything in order to hide your original location.