Free UK Proxy to Access UK shows, Outside UK

In my previous post, I shared a list of US proxy websites you can use to access US based tv shows, series or websites. I know that list of proxy is not complete or your ideal absolute go to for US proxy, this post is aims to provide good resources of UK proxy that you can use to access websites, tv shows or tv series in the United Kingdom.

These UK proxy are for free, ready to be used and carefully monitored by the proxy providers so you can rest assured that you will likely have a fresh and new online identity. They also offer various proxy anonymity level such as transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, elite proxy and each works differently than the other.

These web proxy sites are definitely one of the best you can find. No ads, no frame of the website appearing on the website you visited which almost feels like you are not using a web proxy. I know what it feels like browsing through a web proxy and it does not give the best user satisfaction so you’ll be happy to use these websites:

  • Proxywebsite.co.uk
  • Uk-proxy.co.uk
  • Websiteproxy.co.uk

While these web proxy sites are almost perfect, it is not always a guarantee that they can always able to unblock websites whenever  you wish. So If you prefer other UK proxy sites, I’ve also gathered IP address based you can use as alternatives to web proxies mentioned above.


This website was mentioned in my previous post last week because they offer large list of country specific IP addresses which are mostly available for public use. However, while they regularly check each proxy address, they take time to review them all at once because that’s more likely a lot of job to do for them.

But it does not mean they don’t work because they were last checked an hour ago. The good thing about it is they don’t let 24 hours pass to check these proxy IP so you can still count on the accuracy of these IPs.


Similar to first website above, Proxynova.com also offers a lot of proxy IP exclusively for UK identity. The difference between the two is their list of proxy IP are checked more slower than the Free-Proxy-List.net. But their list of proxy IP are mostly elite proxy.

In terms of internet speed, Proxynova.com proxy speed seem slow but you’ll have to check it out yourselves and compare the two which is more faster.


Another good provider of free proxy IP, is Free-Proxy.cz. They offer around 160 proxy IP ready to be used. The difference of free-proxy.cz IPs between the first two websites above is the response speed of each proxy, the ability to access HTTPS websites and the anonymity level of each proxy.

While the monitoring of each proxy isn’t fast as Free-Proxy-List.net, it’s way more reliable in terms of anonymity level which is what we all after.

Note: Since this website provides proxy IP for other countries, their proxies are categorized by country, which means you will need to select United Kingdom to ensure you’ll get a UK proxy.

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