Unblock Youtube at School by Using Youtube Proxy Sites and Other Tips

Have you ever experienced wanting to watch a Youtube at school, in the office or even in a country you are visiting for vacation but unable to do so because of network restriction?

You are not alone.

In fact, there are a lot of countries where youtube is blocked such as China, Iran, North Korea for whatever valid reasons their government had in mind.

While this is quite a loss for the most popular video sharing website, in terms of website visits, Youtube can still be accessed in different ways, such as changing your IP, using a web proxy or some software applications like TOR or VPN

Yes, you can still access Youtube with just little tricks. So, say yes to unblock youtube at school!

However, even there are some ways how to unblock youtube, not all methods provide equal results as one method can be better than the other. In that case, you will need to experience it yourself to know which method works best for you.

But, the most important question you must ask yourself when you need to unblock youtube is the speed. Since you are browsing videos on Youtube, you can’t afford to use a service that takes forever to play a video.

Otherwise, your satisfaction as a user will not be met. In that sense, I will share some methods on how to unblock youtube videos and you be the judge which is better.

1. Use Browser Plugins

If you want a quick and not very technical method to unblock youtube, you can go with this option. Web browsers like Google and Mozilla are both capable of running addon programs which enhances the browser’s performance.

In fact, there are a lot of available Google Chrome plugins you can use to hide your IP and browse anonymously but let’s focus on what can unblock youtube:

  • Youtube Unblock – This plugin is like a VPN Tool but it runs in Google Chrome browser. What it does is it uses a different proxy IP both for public or private then it changes your identity based on the proxy list you provided.
  • ProxTube – This add-on only runs with Firefox. This plugin is quite flexible because it automatically activates and deactivates the proxy when you visit/leave the site.

Note: There are VPN tools with browser extension version and can also provide you anonymity online but their browser extension has limited features than downloaded software.

2. Change Your IP

By default, some government, organizations or Internet Service Providers (ISP) blocked access to Youtube. In this case, your default IP address will not be able to access blocked websites until you change your IP.

There are a lot of IP addresses you can use to replace your existing IP but not all these IPs are working perfectly in terms of speed and anonymity.

Also, some public IPs are easily detected and blocked in the process by a firewall so you will need to find an IP that is highly anonymous and undetectable but provides a good connection. There are premium IP address providers you can subscribe to such as:

  • Proxykey.com
  • Instantproxies.com
  • Smartdnsproxy.com

The only downside of changing your IP is you have to manually set it up. Although the process is quite very straightforward, not everyone can follow the process.

3. Use VPN or Virtual Private Network

The most common method to unblock Youtube and websites is to use a program like VPN or virtual private network which changes your proxy address and encrypts your internet activities.

VPNs have a very straightforward process to give you a high level of anonymity. Once installed, you will be able to change your location and unblock Youtube and access websites blocked in your area.

There is one thing you need to know though. Not all VPNs provide the same service as the others such as difference with download, the upload speed or even customer support for each software. In that case, you will need to find a good one that meets your qualifications.

Some outstanding and popular VPN software are:

  • ExperssVPN
  • PureVPN
  • NordVPN
  • HideMyAss
  • HideMe

4. Use TOR and TOR Alternatives

TOR is an open source software which provides anonymity on the web. If you are not very technical and not willing to spend on premium services, this is probably your last resort. However, the problem with TOR is, it is best in web browsing but not likely the same with video playing.

While TOR may not be as fast as when you are in regular internet connection, TOR is still able to help you unblock Youtube and play videos in low video display quality, at least in my experience. But if you have a fast internet connection, it might play faster though.

If TOR does not perform well in your location or if you are not satisfied with its performance, there are TOR alternatives you can try such as:

Freenet – This TOR alternative requires a technical installation process and information such as data storage information, internet speed, etc. The configuration itself takes more than a minute before you can surf and it is not likely easy to follow by any individual who wants to surf anonymously.

Also, do not treat Freenet as similar to TOR as TOR can access the web by the web address of a domain such as justwebproxy.com and Freenet is a bunch of list of URLs which links to websites so you can fairly imagine Freenet is a network in a network.

In my opinion, Freenet is not to compare to TOR because it requires technical information and installation process which may not be very convenient to most internet users. Or maybe Freenet was only designed for internet savvy users after all.

I2P – This another TOR alternative does not require you a technical installation process and information compare to Freenet.

Once the software is installed, I2P may require you to use their existing proxy address to fully access the website in high anonymity level which must be added manually and accurately.

At the very first of your browsing the web, I2P will take some time to find peers to connect to access the web because it makes a secure connection between your computer to the internet.

List of Youtube Proxy available to unblock Youtube in your country:

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