List of US Proxy IP to Access US Websites

It is not highly surprising that someone like you is looking for US proxy. You are maybe outside the United States and looking to watch US TV shows, series or accessing websites that are not allowed in your country for some reason.

Regardless of what your reasons are, your are not alone. In fact, there is a lot of people looking for US proxy to hide original IP and make it look like their are browsing from the United States.

While there is a lot of United States proxy providers online, we have compiled a resource for your convenience so that you never have to look for them. However, we did not check each proxy for your convenience as we believed that these US proxy providers have already been doing so.


The domain itself is very explanatory. If you are looking for US proxy, you can definitely visit this website and use the IP addresses available on the website. They have about 200 proxy IP addresses available freshly added and regularly checked.

These proxies are different from one another as they are not likely very similar. Though they are all designed to give you a new identity, these proxies are mixed of different anonymity level such as elite proxy, transparent proxy or anonymous proxy.


This website is not similar to US-proxy.org because this is a browser based proxy. A browser based proxy gives you a minimal anonymity to surf anonymously. While this proxy can give you anonymity, it is more likely that the server you are visiting knows that you are behind a web proxy and can easily track your whereabouts.

You can see a lot of web proxy browsers when you search for US proxy such as:

  • Webproxy.to
  • Proxysite.com
  • Usawebproxy.com

While these are different websites, they all have the same functionality and anonymity level for each users. So you’ll just be jumping from one US proxy server to another whenever you use a different web proxy website.


This website is very similar to the first list of US proxy addresses above. ProxyNova.com also provides a large list of US IP addresses you can use for online anonymity. The statistics you can see from US-proxy.com is quite similar to ProxyNova.com.

However, you can see which City your IP is located and the proxy speed for each specific IP address from the list you can use. You can also see the uptime of each IP which gives you more information than the other US IP providers.

There you have it. There are probably a lot more proxy you can use but they are much likely similar. So we will keep this page updated to have a very long list.

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