Best VPN Chrome Extension Tested and You Can Actually Use for FREE

Changing your IP address to browse anonymously on the web is a good way of unblocking websites in your network. It’s also a good trick to change your location when you access websites that you are not supposed to be accessed in the first from your location.

For instance, a movie streaming website called Popcornflix, this website does not play videos if you are accessing it from the outside of its available area which is the United States and Canada.

That alone is enough to frustrate you and make you find solutions you can do on your own without subscribing to any paid services like premium VPN account or premium proxy servers to change your IP address.

Clearly, you can use TOR browser or any web proxy available out there but they both have their own disadvantages which are not good for you in terms of user experience. On one hand, TOR keeps changing your IP address and running slow internet connection and web proxy, on the other hand, always have pop up or banner ads everywhere on a web page.

To get rid both of those disadvantages, you can check my list of best VPN for Chrome you can actually use and won’t leave you frustrated and at the same time, hopeless.

1. uVPN

uVPN has over one million users in its database and received over 18 thousand positive ratings from their subscribers. This Chrome VPN has definitely proven itself to be useful and working to conceal your online identity when surfing the web. However, you can’t use their proxy servers for Canada, France, Germany, the United States, and a few more countries unless you subscribe to their premium proxy server.

How it works:

  • Click on the power on/off button.
  • Select which country to be your preferred location

2. Zenmate

Another quite popular Chrome VPN is Zenmate with over 3 million registered users and rated at least 34 thousand users. Unfortunately, this VPN requires user registration even for Chrome and there are only a few locations available for a free account.

How it works:

  • Account registration is required.
  • Choose your preferred location among the four countries available

3. Free VPN

Our next VPN for Chrome may not very popular compared to other VPNs listed in this post but don’t let that fool you. This VPN is similar to uVPN in terms of appearance but in terms of available location to choose from, this included those countries that aren’t available in uVPN like Canada.

Rated by 1036 users and available in 19 languages, this surely a VPN that should work just fine for everyone. You can say yes to Popcornflix with Free VPN for Chrome.

4. Touch VPN

If the number is only the baseline to justify whether a VPN for Chrome is good enough, Touch VPN for Chrome might be your guy for the job. It has over 2 million users and rated by 65 thousand users from all over the web. Other than that, it shows you statistics such as bandwidth, internet speed of your connection and you can disable or enable other features for a better browsing experience such as ad blocker, cookie tracker and so on.

Unfortunately, despite all the features this VPN allowed to be available for Google Chrome, they only allowed at least 8 countries you can choose from as your online identity.

5. DotVPN

A permanent Free Chrome VPN with Adblocker and have been used by almost 1 million users and rated by almost 10 thousand users, DotVPN is definitely undeniable a popular VPN on Chrome.

However, similar to Zenmate, it also requires you to create an account before you can change your identity. Also, their available locations to choose from for your proxy server is estimated not more than 5 with each location contain one IP address only.

How it works:

  • You need to create an account
  • Choose a location available for a free account to change your origin

6. Hola Free VPN

Another permanent free VPN for Chrome available that I tested to be useful is Hola VPN for Chrome. This VPN has over 8 million users and rated by 300 thousand users proven to be very effective.

Their proxy servers are extremely useful an able to unblock websites that you can’t access from your network. However, they do require specialized proxy servers for websites that have extreme security protection like in which a premium account is required.

7. Hotspot Shield VPN

The best feature of Hotspot VPN for chrome is that you can make a list of websites you want to bypass and secure when your Hotspot is turned on/off. You can also see in the map which location you are browsing from in the eyes of websites you visited. And a total count of sites unblocked is also provided in your dashboard.

However, you only have a few locations available for a free account and you must not select the auto server for your connection because you will be asked to log in to a premium account. But despite all that, this VPN for Chrome has been used by almost 3 million users and rated by around 60 thousand users.

8. Windscribe VPN

This VPN is quite intriguing because there’s a limit of how long you can use their system to use their proxy servers for each free account. The maximum limit a free account can use is up to 2gb and after that, you won’t be able to use their system until you create a new account or subscribe to their service.

A good feature Windscribe for Chrome offers is that it detects if a website has trackers gathering your information and their own bias privacy score. Once you see all these information, you can decide whether you’ll proceed to visit the website or not.

Used by almost 900 thousand users and rated by almost 15 thousand users.

That’s it.

There are so many VPN for Chrome you can search in their market place but I fear they mostly require account registration or with only few available servers to cover your ass. These VPNs I mentioned above is a good start to enjoy browsing anonymously.