Best Free Streaming Movies You Can Watch for Free

Watching movies online for free is what everyone has done and still do.

And there are hundreds of websites you can visit to watch movies online for free. Anytime you want.

In fact, you will not run out of option to choose from which among all free movie websites will be likely your go-to website whenever you want to stream movies online.

However, despite the fact that number these movie streaming websites is overwhelmingly high, chances that you need to find another source every once in a while is relatively high.

It’s because these so called free streaming websites often disappear without prior notice from the web due to the war has been going on between piracy and government.

You heard that right. Most of these free streaming websites are likely to be illegal so to avoid being detected or reported, they have no option but to hop on from one domain to another.

But don’t be confused.

While I mentioned that this post will have a list of free streaming websites and yet I’m telling you they hop on from one domain to another, I can still give you a good list of free streaming movies and there’s still a way to locate all these websites and watch movies online for free.

The list below are the criteria I used to justify whether a free movie streaming website is of good quality or not

Year started – Age does matter in this list because how else can I determine the authenticity of a free streaming website is of good quality if it’s only few months old. I used domain age checker on this section

Available video format – A good online streaming movies should have more than one video format for users with different internet speed connection because users come first.

Blacklisted in the following counties – If there’s an information available from the web, I could also give you a list of websites that blocked access to a particular movie streaming website.

Reliability – This determine if users come back to a particular website gives indication of being a good quality movie streaming website. It’s more on upload recency of a movie streaming website and quality of the videos being added.

Important information:

I do not encourage any form of online piracy and the purpose of making a list of free movie streaming website is to know what’s out there.

123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, 123movieshub

First off in our list is absolutely popular to all avid movie streamers out there. I even used it sometimes when I ran out of movies to watch on Netflix but my experience here is nothing compared to Netflix which is a premium account.

This website go by different domain names and extensions so if you search for 123movies, don’t be surprised to see a long list of clones of 123movies because there’s a purpose why they need to have such different identities.

Every now and then, you will encounter recently released movies that don’t playback or low quality videos and nasty ads that will affect your watching experience in a overall basis.

1. Popcornflix

This free streaming website is mainly available in Canada and United States. I tried accessing it from UK based country via VPN but no luck, the video I played did not load.

If you happen to be in Canada or United States, you are in good hands. They also have an app for Android and iOS for better user experience.

Another thing you must know about is that Popcornflix movies available for streaming are way too old and movies like Avengers won’t be available even if you do search for it. But if you are into classic movies, there’s no way you won’t love this website.

Unfortunately, this website only categorize their movies by genre unlike other free streaming websites that categorize by year as well. For me, categorizing your movie list by year is by far the greatest favour you can ever give to your users.

2. Putlocker

If you hate ads on site, Putlocker could be a great site for you. They have videos in HD and Cam version you can choose from but you are required to create an account in order to stream videos on the website.

Make no mistake. While Putlocker and 123movies websites are quite identical, these two different websites have nothing to do with each other but to compete against each other to be the best free movie streaming online.

However, the official website of Putlocker is already inactive and only clones and copies of the website are keeping Putlocker alive.

3. Fmovies

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Fmovies websites when you Google it. Make no mistake because they are all mirror websites which all offer free online streaming website. Fmovies releases TV series, movies mostly in high definition format so you don’t have to worry what quality of video you’ll see when you stream videos on their website.

The best feature I liked on Fmovie website is the filter feature you can use to limit the videos on what you only wanted to see. If you need movies with subtitles, you can filter out the movies that don’t have subtitle.

You can also sort their list of movies by release date, latest, most viewed or even alphabetical order so you can easily see what movie you are looking for.

4. WatchMovie / WatchSeries

A home of high definition movies and series you can watch online for free. WatchMovie is one of the most organized, appealing and less ads compared to other websites listed in this list. The motto of this website is cool, fast but definitely simple. They care about the people who visit their website so they give them the best user experience this website can offer.

Another feature WatchMovie website offers is that they provide you a list of multiple alternative video source you can choose from when the default video source doesn’t play for you. They have at least five alternative video sources that won’t take you away from the website.

How to find these free streaming movie websites:

Regardless of how many times a particular website above changes its name, there is one thing that will remain they can never let go off. Otherwise, they would have to start from scratch and they could lose all their loyal readers unless, they make a move themselves.

So, to always get a hold of these websites, just key in their brand name such as “123movies” in Google and you should them ranking for their brand name.

I won’t advise you to search free movie streaming online because you will see results like YouTube, Netflix and even Tubi as your top ranking websites in results. So just stick to the brand name.

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