A Quick Look at Whoer.net – A Free Web Proxy, IP Checker, Whois Tool


Whoer.net is one of the best proxy providers that can give you anonymity for free through a web proxy. Whoer proxy is available in seven (7) different languages which are very accommodative. Also, the domain name is very much easy to remember compared to other web proxy sites which give them the advantage to be the go-to site whenever someone is in need of web proxy.

whoer.net web proxy

Looking at the homepage of Whoer, you can see various personal information about your online identities such as IP Address, location, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Hostname, Operation System (OS) and even the browser version you are using to search the web. You can fairly say that they know all about you in terms of machine address. That’s Whoer IP checker for you!

Whoer.net provides seven different tools you can use in terms of online identity. These tools are free and all available on Whoer website. Let’s take a look at some of the tools:

Note: They have a premium VPN tool but I did not include it here because I do not have an active account.

Whoer Web Proxy

Whoer provides a free web proxy tool for the public which comes with eight (8) different server hosted in various countries. This web proxy tool can help you unblock websites, change your IP address and give a low level of anonymity on the web.

In fact, I have tried using their free web proxy tool and it really helped me become anonymous. However, you’ll see the frame of Whoer.net when browsing through their web proxy which is somehow not very pleasant, at least to me because it blocks some portion of the page.

Note: I believe Whoer team will work on this matter eventually because, with that service of a web proxy, they cannot impress the majority of their users.

Whoer Speed test

Whoer also provides internet speed testing tool. Their speed test tool is quite unique than the others because normally, you’ll just click a start button and you’ll see the statistics of your internet speed connection. With Whoer, you’ll be required to select a region in the map they provided and you’ll see a small speedometer which measures your internet speed connection.

Note: I have checked to click on all region but I get different results. I absolutely no idea what that means but I was expecting to see almost the same internet speed connection for each region.

Whoer Ping Test Checker

Whoer also provides a tool which enables you to check your website minimum, average and maximum round trip time. You can also see the IP address of the website you are pinging so it’s pretty good. Some websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and a lot more major sites will have different IPs displayed so don’t be surprised if you see more than one IP address.

Note: If you are not very much into computer networking, the purpose of this tool is to measure the speed of a website when a request is made.

Whoer Whois

Another good tool Whoer provides is Whois. This tool can help you identify the basic information on a particular website. From the IP Address, location of the hosting server, registrant information and even contact number if available for public. While this tool provides good information in terms of website hosting information, it is not much of a use for people after anonymous browsing.

All of these Whoer tools are pretty much useful and functional. However, they still have room for improvement which is probably currently working on by Whoer team, particularly in Web Proxy.

While these tools may not benefit you, I am sure the one you will need to use will likely be helpful to you.

Note: Whoer no longer provides web proxy on their website. They do provide a whoer chrome extension plugin and whoer add-on for Firefox.