Zooqle: Database of Verified Torrent You Can Use

Zooqle, one of the popular index of Torrent files you can find online. It’s a search engine of torrentz and its job is to crawl the web and store the torrent file in their database. So if you need to uncover something, just head over to zooqle and search for any torrent you want to download.

However, Zooqle’s website has been blocked from being visited by several countries and only a few remain who enjoy unlimited download from their server.

Or so they thought.

Zooqle is still available in so many countries, mine included and there has been a lot of Zooqle proxy you can use for unlimited tv series and movie download.

Zoolqe Proxy List

But for some reason, your country has blocked Zooqle from being visited, there are a lot of zooqle proxy you can use available to bypass nationwide restriction:

  • zooqle.unblocked.win
  • zooqle.mrunlock.fun
  • zooqle1.unblocked.is
  • zooqle.nocensor.xyz
  • zooqle.unblockproject.xyz
  • zooqle.p4y.xyz
  • zooqle.123unblock.pro
  • zooqle.prox4you.icu
  • zooqle-com.prox2.info
  • zooqle.p4y.info
  • zooqle.p4y.space

How Zooqle works

Zooqle is a database of verified torrent links you can use to download. You don’t have to worry of getting a fake torrent link or low peers that will take your download forever to complete because Zooqle has eliminated that for your convenience.

In order for any to use Zooqle, you are required to have a Bittorrent or Utorrent client program installed on your computer to take care of the download.

Once you have the basic requirement for Zooqle to work, you can head over to Zooqle.com and download a torrent link of your favorite TV series or movies.

When you have the torrent link downloaded, open it in your Bittorrent or Utorrent program and it will do everything from there.

That’s it. Plain and simple.